Portfolio of Squarespace Website Samples

As time permits, I take on a select number of website design projects using my favorite online platform. Learn more about my collaboration process, why I use Squarespace, and how you can explore the possibility of our working together, by visiting this page. Below is a selection of some of the websites on which I've collaborated using this versatile tool. I've included the name of the template used for the project, in the notes under each example.

- - - Click images below (mini slideshows!) & advance to additional page views of each example project. - - -

A professional writer specializing in HVAC, Trish Holder's website needs were best suited by the "Five" template. You can visit her site here.

A cover page + "Five" enabled us to do everything this client needed to showcase their working family farm. Visit Hauser Creek Farm here.

"Adirondack" provided the interest and versatility for this artist's colorful, exciting portfolio of work. View Karen Spencer's range of art.

"Bedford" showcases a fitness industry consulting firm's details with a bold online presence.
Learn about Integerus.

"Marquee's" parallax scrolling opening
makes a bold statement for artists like this one.
See Tracey J. Marshall's art.

This interior designer client also wanted the versatility of "Five" plus the impact of a cover page. Visit Spectacular Spaces here.

When he upgraded from V5, musician Kris Ferris wanted a simple design. We used a cover page and "Five" to achieve that. Take a look here.

"Dovetail" yielded the results this public speaker/trainer/coach desired.
Pat B. Freeman's site is here.

A cover page + the "Montauk" template provides writer's ideal site design.
Ann Marie Biskar's site is here.

The Ishimoto template provides the clean lines
this fitness-oriented client requires.
Visit Fitness Technology Tech Council.

"Five" provided the versatility for fine art painter with extensive portfolio who wanted clean and simple. View Phyllis Sharpe's artwork.

The "Five" template was also flexible enough to let us recreate the design writer Dena Harris loved in her Squarespace 5 site. See it here.

"Five" met the diverse layout needs for this interior design site with gorgeous photography. Visit Captiva Home Design now.

The "Ishimoto" template was heavily modified
to present architect's impressive portfolio.
Visit Frank Cheney's site.

Once there was Squarespace 5

Although I no longer create sites on the older version of this platform, it's worth mentioning that there are still clients who have, for many different reasons, chosen to keep their sites as they were when created with Squarespace 5. While no longer creating updates for those sites, the company is fortunately willing to maintain those sites as they were. When I discovered and fell in love with the platform that ultimately led me to leave my community college webmaster position, I was using Squarespace 4. And so, having been through a number of upgrades since then, I understand and respect a client's preference as to whether and when they'll upgrade to the new-and-improved Squarespace. If for merely nostalgic purposes, I've kept some of those earlier sites in the area below.

Some of the Squarespace 5 sites on which I enjoyed collaborating: