Consistent Inspirations Even Though the Weather is Out of Our Hands

Click the photo to see my pretty yellow crocuses and my pretty Zentangle-inspired-art mug printed with my own doodle art, too, if you like!

It's been a year or two since I first heard that phrase, "North Carolina is off its meds again" but it still makes me laugh. Because: truth. Recently my honey and I had a discussion involving key winter-based childhood memories that were notable because of the unseasonable warmth. Sort of like what we had a couple of weeks back when it's clear now I squandered my freedom and didn't go outside to enjoy it nearly enough. I had to be reminded that this kind of thing used to happen occasionally, even though it feels much more frequent nowadays.

In spite of being an unabashed "creative type" and a more-than-a-little-fortunate woman who neither puts on uncomfortable shoes for work or punches a clock, nor has to participate in a blood-pressure-spiking morning commute in order to achieve my days' goals, I nonetheless get complacent sometimes. Just like those years when my days were much less satisfying than they are now, I sometimes do squander the high points and suddenly blink to find them gone. I'm missing the warm weather now and using non-weather perks to inspire my days.

A few weeks ago when I shot the photo that looks like Spring, I had taken a break from the endless hours at a computer monitor and carried my coffee outside into the glorious warmth that so surprised me. Notice that mug? It's printed with a piece of my very own "Zentangle Inspired Art" I never actually got around to telling you about here on the blog but which was quite a satisfying project of mine more than a year ago. I will come back to that in the next few weeks - I'm working toward something really cool, finally, to tell you and today's not the day. Still, I had to point out the mug because I want to show you one of the silly things that makes me smile on ordinary days when the weather seems to annoy me more than usual. Like in normal winter days when it's not in fact 75 degrees in February. It's shifted so drastically that we had just enough tiny snowflakes last weekend to nearly blanket the whole yard. A scene that might have otherwise thrilled and delighted me but this time had the opposite effect instead.

Nearly the same location, just a few feet away in the same front garden bed. Two or three weeks AFTER the first photo was shot.

The mug represents something to me, I think. It's one of the culminations of so many of my creative endeavors. I was washing it after dinner one night recently and I said, laughing: "I'm SUCH a dork!" He asked me why. I answered, "We have enough mugs to build someone a tiny home yet every night I make sure this one is clean because it's the one I want to drink out of every morning." Then we had a nice celebratory laugh and chat about the importance of owning our own dorkiness and being okay with who we are, perceived flaws and all.

That okayness ties into the message I've been playing with this past year, and labeling "Muserie" which is the idea that no matter who we are, if we train ourselves to look in the right places and keep the right inspirations on hand, we can absolutely be our own muses. I enjoy believing that even if we're not wired in this uber-creative way I eventually recognized as my own personal makeup, we can learn how to rally inspiring messages and scenes and details that lift our days - even frigid ones that make it necessary to put on another layer before venturing out, or muted ones wherein the sunshine just doesn't show up "like it's supposed to" to lift our spirits without effort.

So that's one of mine: a silly little old mug printed with some doodle art I created months ago and now wash extra often to be 100% certain it holds my morning coffee again and again. Every time I look at it, I think "I did that!" and I smile a little broader. Also? The sun is absolutely going to warm my face again without bitter winds, and I will then perhaps be looking for inspiring thoughts of cool breezes and even snowdrifts to combat the southern summer humidity. But not today.